Uses Of Gingko Biloba

ginkgo bilobaGingko biloba has been used as a herbal remedy as part of Traditional Chinese Medicine for many years. You can use many parts of the Gingko biloba tree, but you have to really know what you are doing with some of them. The fruit of tree can easily cause an allergic reaction, and should only be used by qualified persons. However, the leaves of the tree are safe, and they are the ones harvested to be used in herbal remedies. So, what conditions can Gingko biloba treat?

Medical Uses of Gingko Biloba

Gingko biloba is beginning to attract the interest of mainstream and conventional medicine. The use of Gingko biloba used to be limited to herbal remedies, but as we are beginning to learn more about the health benefits of Gingko biloba, it seems to be popping up everywhere.

Gingko biloba is not a “cure all”, but just like Aspirin (originally also a plant extract) it can be used to treat a range of conditions. For instance, we know that Gingko biloba can help to increase blood circulation to the brain. But, that is not the only benefit Gingko biloba has for better brain health. It also seems to improve memory and focus. How this is happening we don’t really know, but it is thought that some of the ingredients in Gingko biloba can help to increase the activity of neurons in the brain. When this happens, our brains create better memories and can retrieve them more efficiently.

Other Uses of Gingko Biloba

Many of the uses of Gingko biloba are related to better brain health, and this is why we see it as an ingredient in noo tropic medicine. Noo tropic medicine is becoming more and more popular, and no noo tropic supplement is complete without addition of Gingko biloba. It can be used as stand alone supplement, but is more effective when used together with the vitamins in the vitamin B group. It seems to respond very well to B6 and B12 which are both vital when it comes to better brain health.

If you are considering investing in a noo tropic supplement, you should make sure it contains Gingko biloba. Otherwise you may just be wasting your money. However, Gingko biloba has other health benefits as well.

Gingko Biloba and Dizziness

Dizziness is a common problem that affect many today. It is not clear why more people are feeling dizzy but it is thought it is related to brain health. Gingko biloba is an effective treatment of dizziness caused by poor blood circulation, and even dizziness caused by a disturbance of the inner ear. It seems to ease symptoms very rapidly, and as long as you continue your Gingko biloba regime, it appears to keep it in check. Also, if you suffer from vertigo, you may want to try Gingko biloba. The causes of vertigo are varied but all of them seem to be helped by Gingko biloba.

This ancient herbal remedy may become as important as Aspirin in today once we learn more about the uses of Gingko biloba. Why does it take us so long to accept what Traditional Chinese doctors have known for thousands of years.

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